From its earliest days, INNOVATION has been an essential part of Dart’s DNA. At Dart we understand the importance of finding better ways to do what we do, using technology and creativity to provide our customers with better and less expensive solutions for their business needs.

This means creating change for the better, as when Dart was the prime mover for developing 53’ dry vans. It also means embracing change by adopting new technologies that improve communications and speed deliveries.

Dart’s Long History of Innovation and Change

  • Dart’s ECO Fleet® uses trailer and tractor design innovations to lower the carbon footprint of Dart’s fleet by moving the most freight with the least amount of fuel.  Dart ECO Trailers® maximize the pounds of freight per load with the least amount of fuel, making Dart’s ECO Fleet the greenest fleet in the industry.
  • Dart developed todays 53’ high cube “AdVANtageTM Trailers” in the 1980’s to haul more cubic feet of freight per trailer load, reducing transportation costs and the number of trucks on the highway.
  • Dart’s safety culture is unique and effective.  Developed in the 1980’s by Dart, the “Ethics and Technique for the Professional DriverTM” course elevated Dart as one of America’s safest trucking companies.
  • Dart pioneered the irregular route trucking model in the 1970’s, improving service while reducing cost for truckload shippers.
  • Dart was an early promoter of “Just-in-Time” truck service, which helped reduce manufacturers’ costs.
  • Dart was among the first to computerize its trucking operations in the 1970’s
  • Dart was an early adapter of satellite communications technology and electronic logs, promoting safety and better information for shippers.
  • Dart was one of the first carriers to utilize independent contractors, creating opportunity for small trucking businesses and giving drivers a greater stake in providing outstanding customer service.

Future Innovations

Yes, over the years Dart has tried a lot of new things to benefit our customers and improve our service.  Some of our innovations were hugely successful while others went by the wayside.  But the key thing to remember is that we at Dart are willing to try new ideas.  We take advantage of new technologies whenever possible.  In the past we changed the trucking industry for the better and we continue to do so.  Can you benefit?  Let us put new ideas to work for you, to develop your business to its full potential.