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Vintage photo of three men with an old Dart truck

In 1934 America was deeply mired in the Great Depression. Credit was nearly impossible to find and countless businesses were forced into bankruptcy. It is hard to imagine a more difficult time to begin a new business, but that was when Earl Oren launched the business would be become Dart Transit Company.

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Beginning with a single truck and trailer, he began operations on a small scale from his living room. At the end of World War II, Earl began to broker loads to owner operators at the truck stop on St Paul's University Avenue. With limited operating authority, Earl was unable to grow beyond a few trucks and trailers that hauled a few exempt commodities on limited traffic lanes. He was able to keep the company in operation only through persistence and sacrifice.

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Driving Dart's Success Across America

Under Don's creative leadership, Dart was able to break out form the company's early financial and legal constraints, and by 1975 had grown from a small regional company to a national carrier serving 48 states with point-to-point irregular route service. It was a concept pioneered and championed by Don. In 1979 Don became Dart's second president and Dart Entered a rapid period of growth through continuing innovation. Don patented and pioneered many innovative trailer design and let the campaign to change state and national regulations on trailer dimensions. His work ultimately climaxed with standardization of 53' trailers.

Don's son's Dave, Dan, and Brad have continued the family tradition of innovation and expansion.

Today Dart continues to lead the transportation industry with integrity and innovation for customers, owner operators, employees, and drivers alike.


Donald Oren, Dart, Chairman of the Board

Donald Oren

Chairman of the Board

David Oren, Dart, Dart Express

David Oren

Dan Oren, Dart, Dart Advantage Warehousing

Dan Oren

Brad Oren, Dart, Dart Portable Storage, Inc.

Brad Oren