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Look around. Chances are that every product you use or see daily—from the furniture in your home or office to the clothes you wear to the food you eat—has seen the inside of a truck.

And because trucking is so integral, you can be confident you'll learn valuable skills, build your network and have plenty of opportunities for growth.

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Practically every industry relies on trucking to deliver the materials needed to make products and take them to market. And because trucking is so integral, you can be confident that you’ll experience plenty of advancement opportunity and job security when you choose a career in transportation.

And while you’re considering a career in transportation, why not consider Dart? Founded in 1934, Dart Transit began as and has remained a family-owned and operated business for over 80 years. As a major national carrier, we can provide a wide range of job opportunities and advancement.

Trucks are certainly the most visible piece of our business, but behind our drivers is an incredible team of people who help drive our success. We have a wide variety of careers available, from transportation and logistics office and administration roles, to finance, human resources, sales and marketing, safety, maintenance and technical positions to name a few.

We are innovators. We are industry leaders. We are family. Join us today.

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The Dart Network provides comprehensive land-based transportation services throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We have a history of over 85 years of stable, innovative, family ownership, with dynamic growth during the last 15 years. We currently rank among the largest privately owned truckload carriers in America. The Dart Network is committed to being a leading freight and transportations services company, exceeding the expectations of our customers through innovation and integrity. We provide a variety of transportation services to meet our customers logistics needs including trucking, brokerage, intermodal, warehousing, portable storage, and truck repair. To handle all the continually changing logistical needs of our industry, the Dart Network has a dedicated and professional team that keep the wheels turning for the Network. This team consists of: Customer Service, Fleet Management, Recruiting, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Intermodal Operations, Brokerage, Sales and Marketing.

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The Dart Network has over 2500 tractors and 7000 trailers in its fleet network. To keep them actively hauling freight, we depend on highly skilled professional technicians as a critical part of our Dart team. Dart Safety Lane is the one-stop shop for all of our fleet maintenance needs. With 6 locations across the US, we are able to get our fleet tractors and trailers back on the road quicker, safer and as cost effectively as possible.

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Dart Advantage Warehousing is a Minnesota-based company started in 1996, supplying America’s finest companies with warehousing and transportation services. With a network of facilities we can provide flexible, real-time, and tailored warehousing solutions. Dart Advantage Warehousing has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the nation’s premier providers of supply chain advantages. The team consists of experienced distribution professionals that provide competitive advantages for customers. We believe that our continued success is directly related to the contributions made by our team of employees.