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Intermodal is Growing Fast.

Intermodal is quickly becoming an important component of many strategic logistics plans. In fact, approximately 20 million containers and trailers are now being moved via intermodal transport every year in North America. That makes intermodal the fastest-growing segment of the freight business.

a shipping yard crane carrying and moving a dart trailer

Why Dart Intermodal Rail?

Dart Intermodal Service provides door-to-door truckload service by combining the huge capacity of rail with the flexibility of trucks. Not only can more containers be shipped via rail, but trains are the most fuel-efficient mode of transportation available. So you’ll save time and money, while you help protect the environment.

a red train rolling down the track along the shoreline

Is Dart Intermodal Right for You?

Depending on the volume, frequency and destinations of your freight, Dart Intermodal Rail can provide considerable savings. Just give us a call, and our experts will be happy to assess your logistics challenge to see if intermodal is the best solution.